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ETTEntreprise de Travail Temporaire (French: Temporary Employment Agency)
ETTEmergency Trauma Technician (Alaska)
ETTEmerging Trends and Technologies
ETTEnglish Theater Torino (Torino, Italy)
ETTEmpresa de Trabajo Temporal (Spain)
ETTElementary Teacher Training
ETTEffective Top Tube (bicycle frame measurement)
ETTExtended Text Table
ETTExtraction Transformation and Transportation
ETTEuropean Transactions on Telecommunications
ETTEmbedded Training Team
ETTÉchocardiographie Trans-Thoracique (French: Trans-Thoracic Echocardiography)
ETTExercise Tolerance Test (cardiology)
ETTÉlectricité Travaux Techniques (French electricity company)
ETTExercise Treadmill Test
ETTEmployment Training Tax (California)
ETTEnglish Toy Terrier (dog breed)
ETTElectric Transmission Texas, LLC (Austin, TX)
ETTEducational Technology Team (various locations)
ETTEndo Tracheal Tube
ETTEffective Throat Thickness
ETTExpected Transmission Time
ETTEmployee Timetable
ETTEntente Tennis de Table (French table tennis club)
ETTEducation Technology and Training (IEEE Workshop)
ETTEngineering Training Team
ETTEvacuated Tube Transport
ETTEmerging Technologies Team (various organizations)
ETTEstimated Travel Time
ETTEquity Transfer Trust (Canada)
ETTEligible Travel Trailer (US FEMA)
ETTElectronics Telecommunications Technology (classes)
ETTEureka Think Tank (Japan)
ETTExtended Tip Tank (aircraft feature)
ETTExtra Travel Tunnel (Arctic Cat snowmobiles)
ETTEducational Telecommunications and Technology
ETTEuropean Transactions on Communications (IEEE Communications Society)
ETTEffluent Toxicity Testing
ETTEpitheloid Trophoblastic Tumor
ETTEKMS Transition Team
ETTEnvironmental Training & Transfer GmbH
ETTElectronic Technology Team SRL (Genoa, Italy)
ETTEnvironmental Technology Team
ETTExpected Test Time
ETTExtract, Transformation, Transport
ETTEnhanced Tradespace Tool
ETTEstimated Test Time
ETTEstimated Terrestrial Transmissions (cache management algorithm)
ETTElevated Temperature Testing
ETTEnglish Tea Time
ETTEffectively Tested Dram (full specification parts, fully tested and unmarked)
ETTEuropean Turley Telecommunication (Europe)
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When I got it checked, all my tests were negative except the exercise tolerance test in which cardiac problem was indicated.
He said that 250-beds hospital had 14 different departments and best medical treatment facilities at emergency department, OPD, CCU, ICU, Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT), Pathology Theatres, Radiology and other departments are available in the FIC.
Objective: To determine the frequency of positive exercise tolerance test (ETT) for silent myocardial ischemia in asymptomatic uncomplicated type 2 diabetic patients.
Electrocardiogram (ECG) to measure the heart's electrical activity Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT) to check how your heart reacts to certain situations, such as exercise Angiography to visualize the inside, or lumen, of blood vessels and organs of the body, with particular interest in the arteries, veins, and the heart chambers
The exercise tolerance test (ETT) can provide important prognostic information.
Thus we conducted this study to compare the effects of two 8- and 24-session cardiac rehabilitation programs by aerobic exercise on left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF), diastolic function, and VO2 max (measured using exercise tolerance test (ETT) or Brace protocol) after CABG.
The author therefore suggests that a "Submaximal Clinical Exercise Tolerance Test (SXTT)" is most appropriate in the standard physical therapy clinic to provide baseline data and to determine safe and effective exercise prescription parameters.
Therefore, in the present study we aimed to evaluate the effects of EECP on different clinical indicators such as ; (1) angina severity, (2) drugs consumption, (3) quality of life as well as para clinical indices including; (a) left ventricle function, (b) myocardial perfusion status and (c) exercise tolerance test among the patients who were candidate for treatment by EECP.
3 Even patients with positive exercise tolerance test for ischaemia or angiographically documented CAD but normal myocardial perfusion scan (MPS) have been shown to be at low risk for future cardiac events.
The fact that, compared to a trained person, there is a greater variation in these in untrained individual during exercise and these values take longer time to return to basal levels forms the basis of Exercise Tolerance Test.
A 64-year-old woman has been recently referred to our emergency department due to chest pain and narrow complex tachycardia before performing exercise tolerance test (ETT).
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