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EXIExtract Byte Immediate
EXIExchangeable Image File
EXIExpansion Interface
EXIExtension Header Identifier
EXIEnterprise Exchange International (Australia)
EXIEfficient XML (Extensible Markup Language) Interchange (World Wide Web Consortium working group)
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The EXi and the RS grades in addition to sunroof has Honda LANEWATCHTM feature which uses a camera located below the passenger side view mirror to display an expanded rear view of the passenger side road way on the 7 inch touchscreen.
The starting price for the 2016 Honda Civic RS is BD9,550 the EXi model is BD8,300 and the LXi model costs BD7,800.
The base EXi version features Bluetooth Connectivity, 2 DIN Audio - CD, FM, MP3, Aux-in, USB and 4 speakers and also a roof antenna as part of the standard offering.
The Civic's 2013 generation was introduced a year and a half ago, but the grades within the new upgrades -- LXI, EXI and VTI -- not only come with advancements in appearance, styling, suspensions, braking, steering and insulation but with cutting edge safety improvements to absorb shocks from collisions from different, angles, speeds and forces in order to isolate effects of impact and keep the rest of the car, mainly the cabin, "effected at a unprecedented minimal degree".
ShapeSpace solves problems by replacing the limited search functionality of exi siting systems with a simple-to-use geometric search.
Since the early 1980's EXI Systems has been focusing on providing innovative and reliable RFID products, such as its Patient and Asset Security Systems, which are in use world-wide.
Kelisa EX carries virtually the same trim levels of the EXi, but with a reduced warranty to one-year/12,000 miles.
EXi Telecoms, of Warrington, triumphed in the international trade category.
EXi telecoms is a leading, independent provider of telecom services to telecom companies worldwide and and entrant in this year's Fast 50 programme.
The UK-based telecommunications services provider EXi telecoms has signed an agreement to acquire Equilon.
His announcement that 4,000 steel jobs could be replaced by new EXi Telecoms jobs was political misjudgement of the worst kind.