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EXOExecutive Officer
EXOEnriched Xenon Observatory (physics study; various locations)
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Certain statements included herein, including those that express management's expectations or estimates of EXO U's future performance or future events, constitute "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of applicable securities laws.
The City Of Knoxville Requests Your Delivered Price For The Supply Of 25 Each, Model: D30015 B1, Petzl Exo Personal Safety Systems For The City Of Knoxville Fire Department Per Specifications Outlined Below, No Substitution.
About EXO U EXO U, with offices in Montreal and Palo Alto, enables true mobility for businesses and government organizations by securely creating compelling ubiquitous applications that delight end-users.
The newly available capabilities - eXo Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and eXo Java Content Repository (JCR) - make it simple for IT developers to create Web portals for document collaboration and information sharing.
The critical distinction separating eXo Cloud Workspaces from other offerings is the robust horizontal platform on which the service is based eXo Platform 3.
No pectinase activity was observed until 24 hr, there after it showed exponential increase in both exo and end pectinases activity.
With the signing of this agreement, eXo Platform and BonitaSoft strengthen their technological collaboration.
The story is based on information the paper obtained from Costis Kyriacou Tzyrkas, the nephew of Costas Paraskeva Mourkas from Exo Metohi, who died aged 74 in 1974.
The product-development company says its EXO system, a variant of two-shot overmolding, is more efficient and cost-effective than conventional one-shot insert molding for mating fabrics to enclosures molded of polycarbonate, ABS, and PC/ABS.
Known as the EXO overmolding system, this process incorporates the tactile and visual appeal of fabric without incurring complex handwork or costly manual applications.
A protein having "multifunctional activity," is defined herein as including at least one of a chymotrypsin, trypsin, collagenase, elastase or exo peptidase activity or asialo GM.
New GateIn Portal Project the First Deliverable to Come From eXo and JBoss Collaboration