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Warhurst, President and CEO of PODS, said: "We continue to expand our servicing network globally, and at the same time we strive to enhance our operating systems to accommodate our continuous growth and expedite delivery and service practices.
In order to expedite delivery of justice and make available domain expertise in adjudication, the Government has set up various Tribunals under Central Acts, The terms of appointment and conditions of service of chairpersons and members of these Tribunals are different in many cases.
SUMCO has requested that Ibis expedite delivery of the second implanter, which is expected to complete the factory acceptance process in the second quarter of this year, with final customer acceptance expected in the third or fourth quarter of this year.
Matson's dedicated terminal facility in Long Beach also will help expedite delivery, resulting from the operation's fast throughput and next day cargo availability.
Sharma's principal tasks will be to coordinate the activities of all three Calypso Research & Development centers in Miami Florida, Milan Italy and Hong Kong, in order to expedite delivery of Calypso's C1250i phones, incorporating the Calypso Wireless' ASNAP(tm) patented technology (U.
In addition to defining threats to public health and bio-defense, the International Conference will explore technologies and business strategies that would expedite delivery of products that are critical to public protection.
Formation Systems will enable Jennie-O Turkey Store to enhance its product development process and expedite delivery of new products to the global marketplace.
Speculators could be reacting to news that INTC has signed a pact with Alcatel to develop and expedite delivery of the 802.
CXR Telcom has already delivered from stock $276,000 against these orders, and the Company has made the necessary preparations to expedite delivery of required piece parts and assemblies to complete the balance of the orders by the end of the year.