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EGCOElectricity Generating Public Company (Thailand)
EGCOEuro Group of Companies, Inc. (formerly ICT Technologies)
EGCOExport of Goods (Control) Order (UK)
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Tajikistan will increase the export of goods to neighboring Uzbekistan.
According to him, the Ministry of Economy will continue to support exports as the export of goods has become one of the main sources of growth in the Bulgarian economy.
According to the revised PSA data, export of goods moved up 6.
Export of goods from Armeni to Belgium in 2012 amounted to $127.
It may be mentioned here that in the year 2012, the total Danish export of goods to Pakistan stood at US $ 93 million.
According to BoT, the widening of the current account deficit is attributed to rise in imports that outweighed the impact of the increase in export of goods and services.
According the legislation passed by the Iranian government, Iran and Bolivia are to expand industrial and economic ties through the allocated facilities for cooperation, export of goods, technical and engineering services and implementation of projects and expansion of non-government sector of Bolivia.
New Hampshire's Exports @ a Glance August 2010 International Trade Exports in Millions of Dollars Stats Seasonally Adjusted Latest Month Ago Year Ago Export of Goods 10-Aug 10-Jul Aug 09 New Hampshire $ 341.
The draft ruling is in relation to the export of goods, as distinct from services, and clarifies some key issues impacting Australia's export industry.
He explained that at that export of goods from Kyrgyzstan increased by 13.
The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan today ratified the protocol on common rules of licensing of import and export of goods of Eurasian Economic Community member countries that was signed on October 25, 2004 in Moscow.
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