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Also, L-3 will deliver, install and support the integrated bridge, interior and exterior communications systems and distributed navigation equipment.
The interior and exterior communications subsystem is critical to the operation of AOPS, allowing seamless communications from the rugged environment of Canada's far northern waters to the busy coastal regions," Peter Gartenburg, vice president of L-3 Canada Operations, noted in a statement.
Pilothouse equipment includes Twin Disc Power Commander single lever engine controls with synchronizers, an MDI three-axis ride control system that includes the steering and autopilot systems, and interior and exterior communications systems.
The City requires a qualified communications contractor to perform installation of various interior and exterior communications cabling, fiber optical installation and upgrades, to support existing and new cabling infrastructures, and provide various general cabling services by qualified technicians.
The C3I System will be installed on NSSN-class submarines and primarily provides sonar, combat control, exterior communications, electronic surveillance measures and imaging functions, along with supporting subsystems.