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EVElectric Vehicle
EVExtended Validation
EVElectro Voice
EVElectron Volt
EVEnterprise Value
EVExposure Value (photography)
EVEarned Value
EVExpected Value
EVEscape Velocity
EVEvansville (Indiana)
EVEvanston (Illinois)
EVEn Vogue (female singing group)
EVEmbedded Value
EVEscape Velocity (computer game)
EVElectoral Votes
EVEvent Horizon (movie)
EVEn Ville (French: In Town)
EVEingetragener Verein (German: Registered Association)
EVEbola virus
EVExtreme Value
EVExhaust Valve
EVEffort Values (gaming)
EVEesti Vabariik (Estonian Republic)
EVEpidermodysplasia Verruciformis
EVExternal Verification
EVExperimental Version
EVEntry Vehicle
EVEczema Vaccinatum (reaction to Smallpox vaccination)
EVEngineer Vehicle
EVEnchiridion Vaticanum (Vatican reference book)
EVEndogenous Virus
EVEnvironmental Volunteers
EVEstimated Variance
EVExtra Variable
EVExtreme Voice (Ultravox fanzine)
EVExposed Variable (plumbing)
EVEvaporator Vessel
EVEnforcement Vector
EVElectronics Volts
EVEaux Vannes (French: Water Valves)
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The crew members are called aquanauts instead of "divers", and they perform extra-vehicular activites in the underwater environment.
and led by Hamilton Sundstrand - provides NASA mission support for the spacesuit, and the tools and ancillary hardware needed to accomplish Extra-Vehicular Activity (spacewalks).
In total, he has logged over 144 days in space and over five hours of extra-vehicular activity (space walk) experience.
Kerwin's many contributions to space medicine included assisting in the development of the Simplified Aid for EVA Rescue system and development of a cabin prebreathing system that astronauts use for extra-vehicular activity.
Chiao has logged over 229 days in space, over thirty-six hours of which were spent in Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA, or spacewalks).
Prolonged Extra-Vehicular Activities (EVAs or "spacewalks") and the high-orbit location of the telescope exposed the astronauts to an increased risk of higher levels of radiation and other medical concerns.
NASA is interested in connecting multiple nodes in a Wi-Fi mesh network in the future, including: a PC installed with a Wi-Fi client adaptor embedded in two space suits, an Extra-Vehicular Activity Robotic Assistant with multiple computers connected via Wi-Fi, a Science Trailer and Lunar Planetary Science Module with multiple Wi-Fi nodes, as well as other sensor webs of cameras, microphones, and other science equipment on the simulated planet surface.
He has logged more than 1,381 hours in space including over 47 hours of extra-vehicular activity during seven spacewalks making him one of NASA's most experienced spacewalkers.
Prior to joining SAIC, Culbertson had a distinguished career as a NASA astronaut, which includes logging more than 144 days in space on his three space flights and more than five hours of extra-vehicular activity (space walk) time.
The French Space Agency, with support of ADF, proposed special event meals, known as SEMs, to be served for exceptional assignments such as crew relief missions or extra-vehicular activity.
In November 1966, he established a new record for Extra-Vehicular Activity in space on the Gemini XII orbital flight mission.
Also known as an extra-vehicular activity (EVA), those clients interested in the spacewalk option have the availability to spend up to 1.