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EVElectron Volt
EVEnterprise Value
EVExposure Value (photography)
EVEarned Value
EVExpected Value
EVEscape Velocity
EVEvansville (Indiana)
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EVEn Vogue (female singing group)
EVEmbedded Value
EVEscape Velocity (computer game)
EVElectoral Votes
EVEvent Horizon (movie)
EVEn Ville (French: In Town)
EVEingetragener Verein (German: Registered Association)
EVEbola virus
EVExtreme Value
EVExhaust Valve
EVEffort Values (gaming)
EVEesti Vabariik (Estonian Republic)
EVEpidermodysplasia Verruciformis
EVExternal Verification
EVExperimental Version
EVEntry Vehicle
EVEczema Vaccinatum (reaction to Smallpox vaccination)
EVEngineer Vehicle
EVEnchiridion Vaticanum (Vatican reference book)
EVEndogenous Virus
EVEnvironmental Volunteers
EVEstimated Variance
EVExtra Variable
EVExtreme Voice (Ultravox fanzine)
EVExposed Variable (plumbing)
EVEvaporator Vessel
EVEnforcement Vector
EVElectronics Volts
EVEaux Vannes (French: Water Valves)
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Mitchell completed experiments and sample collecting on their second extra-vehicular excursion, Shepard pulled the head of "a genuine six-iron" out of his spacesuit pocket and attached it to the bottom of the long handle of a lunar-sample collector.
Most of the reported $10 million budget seems to have gone on the extra-vehicular f/x, which are brief but OK.
Our responsibilities are to be familiar with the shuttle and how it operates, to do the experiments once you get into orbit, to help launch the payloads or satellites, and also do extra-vehicular activities, which are the space walks.
He broke a 20-year record for the longest extra-vehicular activity (spacewalk) during his career as an astronaut.
The EAM will combine several capabilities into a prototype system to augment Orion's habitation and extra-vehicular activity capabilities for extended deep space missions.
The space walk, known formally as an extra-vehicular activity or EVA, is expected to help China develop the technology for docking two orbiters to create China's first space station in the future.
It was used as a test bed for upgrades to the shuttle fleet and for astronaut training, including extra-vehicular activity (EVA) and emergency egress.
Manned deepwater submersibles acting as Space Exploration Vehicles will interact with Extra-Vehicular Activity crew members to test the efficiency of different operations.
In total, he has logged over 144 days in space and over five hours of extra-vehicular activity (space walk) experience.
The crew members are called aquanauts instead of "divers", and they perform extra-vehicular activites in the underwater environment.
Chiao has logged over 229 days in space, over thirty-six hours of which were spent in Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA, or spacewalks).
NASA is interested in connecting multiple nodes in a Wi-Fi mesh network in the future, including: a PC installed with a Wi-Fi client adaptor embedded in two space suits, an Extra-Vehicular Activity Robotic Assistant with multiple computers connected via Wi-Fi, a Science Trailer and Lunar Planetary Science Module with multiple Wi-Fi nodes, as well as other sensor webs of cameras, microphones, and other science equipment on the simulated planet surface.