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F2FFace To Face
F2FFamily to Family (special needs children information and education organization)
F2FFiber to Fiber
F2FFriend to Friend
F2FFax to Fax
F2FFriend-to-Friend (computer network)
F2FForeningen 2 Foreldre (Norweigan: 2 Parents Association; est. 1985)
F2FForecast to Fulfill (inventory management)
F2FField to Finish (surveying)
F2FFit To Fail (punk ska band)
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In a language class, there are many ways F2F contact hours can be used productively to complement the online work.
Gaming, videos, browsing, downloading and more; fire up the action on your newest iball andiWhere to buy 1550 1800 F2F 5.
When they had chosen a convergence strategy, they were more likely to choose F2F or the phone to accomplish the task.
Syllabi for online history courses should contain a number of components that are different from those created for F2F classes.
The third was to develop and acquire new friendships and to strengthen initial F2F encounters.
Some advocate that students in F2F courses perform better than online courses (Harrell, 2008; Mechana & Kekele, 2014).
107) Indeed, the efficiencies of ODR open avenues for affordable access to justice that the F2F legal system cannot provide.
METHOD A nonexperimental, descriptive study of archival data was used to examine and compare the characteristics of F2F and online MSN applicants, admitted students, and graduates as well as family nurse practitioner (FNP) certification pass rates at one eastern Tennessee college of nursing.
To that end, the VT graduate program centers on the F2F student while accommodating DL students, using a synchronous web-based audio/video delivery mechanism for anywhere, anytime engagement through point-to-point access via any broadband device such as a personal computer or handheld.
Findings from recent studies have also revealed that users of CMC tools transfer social capital from F2F to online relationships (Pfeil et al.
If your [sic] from Swansea can do F2F," he added, meaning face to face.