F2MFemale to Male (transsexual)
F2MFixed to Mobile (telephone communication)
F2MFreedom to Manage (US NASA)
F2MFirst to Market (economics)
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Unlike competitors, the F2M Support service does not just consist solely of an automated ticketing system without direct access to a support agent and PodsystemM2M has never charged add-on fees to access any of its support.
Our main point is that questions, such as whether F2M calls and mobile access are complements or substitutes, do not make much sense when they mechanically apply standard notions of substitutability and complementarity to highly specific market realities, such as 2SPs.
Value (PLN bn) of the Polish F2M market - traditional sector and VoIP, 2001-2009
This event raises funds for the Children's Miracle Network hospitals, and F2M is helping sponsor the activities.
F2M has created analytical tools for the forest and wood products industry that have tremendous value.
Lucid Analytics, a SAS channel partner, helps enterprises such as F2M achieve a competitive edge with analytics and decision support systems.
Aurora Capital will be making an investment in F2M.
Stewart explains that F2M supports the drive for internet-based changes "because the technology will now allow a whole new set of answers to the old dilemmas of the forest products industry.
For more information please visit the F2M web site at forest2market.
F2M collects FOB delivered price data on a transaction basis from forest products companies in order to establish a credible and reliable cost benchmark for delivered logs and chips.
FOB has given us insight into the market that had not been previously available," said Pete Stewart, president and founder of F2M.
Our timber pricing data supports South Carolina's landowner initiative to plant more trees - it's a win-win situation for landowners and the forest product manufacturers moving to South Carolina," said Pete Stewart, president and founder of F2M.