F2MFemale to Male (transsexual)
F2MFax to Mail
F2MFixed to Mobile (telephone communication)
F2MFreedom to Manage (US NASA)
F2MFirst to Market (economics)
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Pod M2M will be demonstrating its White Label Platform, F2M application and cellular/LPWAN integration on booth N242 at Mobile World Congress Americas (San Francisco 12th-14th September).
Our main point is that questions, such as whether F2M calls and mobile access are complements or substitutes, do not make much sense when they mechanically apply standard notions of substitutability and complementarity to highly specific market realities, such as 2SPs.
Unlike competitors, the F2M Support service does not just consist solely of an automated ticketing system without direct access to a support agent and PodsystemM2M has never charged add-on fees to access any of its support.
Megafon will also provide Kamaz with convergent F2M services, connecting all corporate phone numbers on a single corporate network.