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With the United States dominating the first few days of the 13-day competition with a total of eleven medals including five gold, it was de Chastel making his mark for Australia defeating Mario Muller of Germany in the final of the Aeromodelling F3T or Semi-Scale Pylon Racing on Tuesday.
With the United States dominating the first few days of the 13-day competition, bagging a total of 11 medals including 5 gold and 3 silver and bronze each, De Chastel made his mark for Australia in the Aeromodelling F3T, an event also known as Semi-Scale Pylon Racing.
While traditional processes remain the most efficient method for high-volume stamping, efficiencies for low-volume production can be achieved with the flexibility F3T provides.
With the current technology, parts are delivered anywhere from two to six months using conventional methods - up to approximately 60 times longer than the potential turnaround time for F3T
More flexibility: Once fully developed, F3T will help to improve the vehicle research and development process, allowing for more flexibility in quickly creating parts for prototypes and concept cars.
F3T is also expected to have broad applications outside of the automotive industry, including use in the aerospace, defense, transportation and appliance industries.