F4WFigure Four Weekly (website)
F4WFreedom 4 Wireless, Inc. (Lake Mary, FL)
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F4W is a communications company focused on developing simple, encrypted, flexible, interoperable and affordable communications solutions.
Chris Haymore claimed second place for Brynmill with an all-perch 18lb 6oz, then it was F4W again with Brian Bevan's 11lb 6oz.
For inquiries, contact: Michael Wilk Vice President of Marketing F4W, Inc.
Based in Lake Mary, FL, F4W is a leading developer of wireless, IP-based unified communications solutions that focus on removing the barriers of traditional communications networks and IP devices.
In doing so, F4W has invented new products and solutions that reduce the cost of communications, enabling them to provide feature-rich benefits to both private and public organizations that could not afford or operate comparable solutions.
Set our products up and use them next to anyone else and I promise, you will walk away impressed and wondering why you do not have one of our solutions at your disposal," said Harry Timmons, president of F4W.
On the other side, this relationship leads to the development of growth-based solutions for Sprint in the government space," said Harry Timmons, president of F4W.
F4W is a leading developer of IP-based, wireless, convergent communications solutions that provide critical communications networks and applications in environments where traditional solutions fail.
Keith Money, chief operations officer of F4W, said, "We have been at this for years, taking our real-world experience and using it to create solutions that meet all DHS requirements for portability, simplicity, interoperability and affordability.
F4W is able to provide reliable, wireless broadband voice, video and data networks in remote locations and under extreme circumstances.
F4W is about to release a software program that for the first time will enable nationwide or statewide interoperability creating the first public safety networks.
Phil DuMas, Vice President, Research and Development for F4W, said, "Tactica provides real, usable communications tools designed for people responding to and managing a disaster area.