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F81Factory 81 (band)
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Lack of cross-reactivity of primers from 5 BLV genome regions with representatives of mammalian and avian retrovirus subfamilies and human exogenous and endogenous viruses previously identified in human breast tissue * Nested liquid-phase PCR for BLV genome regions Virus Subfamily Cell line harboring virus LTR gag (source ([dagger])) RSV Alpharetrovirus XC, rat cell line, - transformed with RSV (CCL/NBRL) MSV Alpharetrovirus F81, cat cell line, MSV - - infected (CCL/NBRL) MMTV Betaretrovirus GR, mouse mammary tumor - - cell line (G.
Freescale will be demonstrating an In-Home Energy Display during Metering Europe at Booth F81 in the RAI Convention Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Models of sequence evolution used for Bayesian analysis of combined mitochondrial and nuclear sequence data were: GTR + I for ATP8; HKY for G3PDH; HKY + I for TGF5; and F81 for Fib5 and LDH.