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FA1Fetal Antigen 1 (biochemistry)
FA1Functional Area 1
FA1Facies Association 1 (sedimentology)
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FA1 owns all of the common and preferred shares of the capital stock of FA2, also a U.
The FA1, QCL cement, and additional components of FAP1 had a pH of 11.
The effect on the pH of the soils from the application of the FA1 and FAP1 samples is shown in Fig.
05) in FA4, FA1 and FA3 followed by FA2 and control, respectively.
05) in FA2 followed by FA3, FA4, FA1 and Con, respectively after 12 h incubation while after 24 h incubation, FA3 was found highest (p<0.
The levels of boron in plants grown in soils amended with FA1 and FAP1 are not available but, on the basis of the results for FAP2-amended soils, would be expected to be generally <150mg/kg of plant dry matter.
Strong acid-extractable (SAE) values (mg/kg) of the elements of concern in the fyash and in the soils to which it was incorporated Values for the 5% w/w FAP treatments are the calculated SAE values for these amended soils Sample Treatment As Cd Co Cr Cu Flyash product FA1 0.
tax purposes in the course of the liquidation and dissolution of FA2 into FA1.
Upon the liquidation and dissolution of FA2 into FA1, CANCO Parent can avail itself of the rollover provisions in paragraph 95(2)(e.
FA1 carries on an investment business as defined in subsection 95(1) and thus CANCO Parent includes the FAPI of FA1 in computing its income.
Assume a Canadian resident corporation is the sole shareholder of two controlled foreign affiliates, FA1 and FA2.