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FA2Full Auto 2 (Playstation 3 vehicle battle game)
FA2Firearms 2 (gaming, Half-Life 2 Mod)
FA2Final Alert 2 (game)
FA2Fetal Antigen 2
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A significantly lower content of FA2 was established in the crop rotations with overwintering crops making up [greater than or equal to] 25% compared with the rotation without overwintering crops in the upper soil layer; however, an increasing trend of FA2 content could be observed in the 15-25 cm soil layer.
Research carried out by the Royal Navy indicated the present Sea Harrier FA2, with its radars, medium and short range air to air missiles and laser guided bombs, would be outclassed by 2010.
Invincible carries up to 24 aircraft, usually a mix of Sea Harrier FA2 fighters, Harrier GR7 bombers and 10 Sea King helicopters.
3) Under the facts of the example, it is unclear why FAT would be denied in respect of any FAPI earned by FA1, FA2, or FA3.
Decreased growth was observed for triticale grown on media with FA1; rye, triticale and jerry oats grown on media with FA2; triticale grown on media with BA; and rye, regreen, triticale and jerry oats grown on media with FA2 and BA.
After establishing the background to Anglo-Saxon cemetery studies in East Anglia, the volume launches into detailed comparative analysis of the grave goods from the four sites before establishing the chronological framework; the latter identifies three phases each for men's and for womens burials (MA1, MA2 and MB; FA1, FA2 and FB).
What are the best approaches for development of inhibitors of mTOR, IGF1R, EGFR, PARP-1, HSP90, Src, angiogenesis, FA2, hedgehog, and vaccines?
LANCASTER - Auditions for the Antelope Valley College Theatre Arts Department's summer production of Shakespeare's ``Twelfth Night'' will be held Sunday and May 1 at the college's Black Box Theatre, FA2 130, 3041 W.
It will later equip the Harrier GR7/9, the Sea Harrier FA2 and the EF2000.
They had been invited to spend the day on Invincible as part of a pioneering recruitment campaign for the Navy and were treated to a high-speed battle simulation involving FA2 Harrier jets and refuelling from a merchant navy tanker.
The decks of the carrier were cleared for an emergency landing as the airman guided the FA2 fighter safely home.