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FAAFederal Aviation Administration (US government)
FAAFederal Arbitration Act
FAAFleet Air Arm (UK)
FAAFederal Aviation Agency (US government, pre-1967 name of the Federal Aviation Administration)
FAAForeign Assistance Act
FAAFinancial Administration Act (Canada)
FAAFuerza Aérea Argentina (Argentinian Air Force)
FAAAngolan Armed Forces
FAAFunctional Area Analysis
FAAForças Armadas Angolanas (Angolan Armed Forces)
FAAFree Amino Acid
FAAFinancial Aid Advisor
FAAFlorida Apartment Association (Maitland, Florida)
FAAFilipinos for Affirmative Action (Oakland, CA)
FAAFatal Accidents Act (Canada)
FAAFirst Article Approval
FAAFree of All Average
FAAFine Arts Auditorium
FAAForward Assembly Area
FAAFisheries Administration Act 1991 (Australia)
FAAFinancial Assistance Act
FAAFlorida Aquaculture Association
FAAFlorida Archery Association
FAAFlorida Attractions Association
FAAFirearm Act (Canada)
FAAFlorida Airboat Association
FAAFund Administering Activity
FAAFlorida Arcade Association
FAAFORSCOM Action Agent (US Army)
FAAFirst Aircraft Arrival
FAAFresh Acid Add
FAAFuture Attack Aircraft
FAAForeign Airlines Association (UK)
FAAFamily Allowance, Class A
FAAFrequency Allocation Authority (Pakistan)
FAAFunctional Area Assessment/Assignment
FAAFutbol Asociacion de Argentina (Argentine Soccer Players Union)
FAAFilled Aperture Antenna
FAAFocus Area Assessments
FAAFatty Acid Amine
FAAFisheries and Aquaculture Act, 2001 (Bulgaria)
FAAFine Arts Association (various locations)
FAAFellow of the Australian Academy of Science (also seen as FAAS)
FAAFederación Agraria Argentina (Spanish: Argentina Agricultural Federation)
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US FAA unveiled its long-awaited and controversial Extended Operations rule yesterday that brings two-, three- and four-engine aircraft under a common regulation for long-haul operations with limited diversion airports.
Lang's letter also said the FAA agreed with proposals to allow LAX to pay for some roadway improvements as long as they are related to air traffic, passengers or airport property.
Ever since, Kitsch has fought a protracted legal battle with the industry and the FAA, which is struggling to overturn the ban and reintroduce the louder aircraft against the desires of both the community and the airport itself.
Despite the corrective measures taken in response to the FAA findings, in May the FAA threatened to strip Alaska Airlines of its authority to do heavy maintenance on its aircraft--a move that would have effectively grounded six planes a month out of a fleet of 88, slowly strangling Alaska's ability to fly.
investigations with leading House Aviation Subcommittee members, only to be sandbagged at the subsequent hearing by a senior FAA official who'd obviously been tipped off about the findings so he could prepare an obfuscating response.
For the press, this means focusing on how well the FAA does its three most important tasks: developing new safety rules, making sure that the rules are actually being followed, and directing the nation's air traffic.
Finally, Bramlitt says FAA ignored solar flares when estimating crew exposures, even though flares can substantially boost exposures.
1, which attaches no aircraft size requirements to LGA slots, is "simple and straightforward," ATA said, adding that the temporary policy could remain in place while US FAA reevaluates its proposal and develops new, more reasonable measures.
FAA officials said they were modifying communications systems nationwide to prevent further failures, as well as trying to find out why the maintenance was not performed and why the backup system was not configured properly to take over.
If, on the off chance the FAA stumbles onto something that suggests you've lied on your form, then you might be asked for a clarification.
The Office of Financial Controls, with support from FAA's Chief Financial Officer and the FAA Acquisition Executive, led strategic sourcing initiatives for five commodities: Office Supplies, Office Equipment, Information Technology Hardware, Printing and Courier Service.
FAA uncovers pattern of pilot confusion in identifying runways.