FAACFederal Accounts Allocation Committee (Nigeria)
FAACFédération des Associations Africaines et Créoles (French: Federation of African and Creole Associations)
FAACFreeware Advanced Audio Coder
FAACFallbrook Airpark Advisory Committee (California)
FAACFord Amateur Astronomy Club
FAACFur and Alligator Advisory Council (Louisiana)
FAACFunctional Area Agreement Coordinator (USAF)
FAACFamily Allergy and Asthma Care
FAACFatal Accident Assessment Committee
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FAAC Incorporated is a part of Arotech Corporation's Training and Simulation Division (ARTX), which develops, manufactures and markets advanced high-tech multimedia and interactive digital solutions for engineering, use-of-force and operator training simulations for military, law enforcement, security and municipal.
The prototype was developed by tightly coupling the CEESIM to a surface-to-air missile site model developed by FAAC, Inc.
57% contribution from FAAC to the total Revenue, while Independent Revenue contributes 36.
Arotech's Training and Simulation Division reportedly consists of FAAC Incorporated, MILO Range Training Systems and Realtime Technologies.
br> Universidade Estadual Paulista Departamento de Ciencias Humanas da FAAC Av.
Ontario Parking has a large number of high quality industry leading brands available including: FAAC, Liftmaster, Hysecurity and more.
FAAC has launched two sliding gate motors: the 740 and the 741.
FAAC is using cabs from the real trucks as the basis for the driving station, Jordan said.
The statement further read, 'Government has consistently honoured its obligations to Labour by ensuring monthly salaries are paid from the 100% FAAC allocation to the State and the Budget Support Fund including over 70% of other receivables (Excess Crude and Paris Club Reimbursement despite the Federal Government advice of 50% payment therefrom for salaries).
In addition, ASTD consists of FAAC Incorporated (www.