FAACEFight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe (UK)
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FAACE chairman Tony Moore said: "In England nearly 400 horses are killed in the racing industry annually.
FAACE chairman Tony Moore said: "This appears to relish the prospect of horses dying in the name of entertainment and gambling.
FAACE wants both traditions outlawed and the Spaniards to consider other options such as those practised in Madrid and the Basque region where men dress up as the bulls instead.
He got in touch with Tony Moore and Matilda Mench, from Southport, who run the animal rights charity FAACE.
But FAACE will hand its video evidence to the European Union.
The protesters - who made their point and left after about an hour - then arrived, led, again, by the dignified and determined figure of Tony Moore, of the Southport-based FAACE group (Fight Against Animal Cruelty In Europe).
The pictures were taken undercover by FAACE - Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe - near the village of Villabona in Spain's Basque region.
Tony Moore, from Southport, is chairman of FAACE (Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe), and has organised demonstrations against the event at Altcar, for the last 25 years.
8 DONATIONS to FAACE are received at 29, ShakespeareStreet, Southport,Merseyside.
8 DONATIONS to FAACE are received at 29 Shakespeare Street, Southport, Merseyside.