FAADSFederal Assistance Awards Data System (NSF)
FAADSForward Area Air Defense System
FAADSField Army Air Defense System
FAADSForward Area Air Defense Sensors
FAADSForward Area Air Defense Study
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The FAAD GBS AN/MPQ- 64 performs this mission by providing its air picture directly to supported units over the Army's Enhanced Position Location Reporting System, SINCGARS radios or through FAADS command and control.
It might therefore serve not only as the Line-Of-Sight, Forward-Heavy (LOSF-H) element of FAADS, but possibly also as a supplement to the dedicated heavy anti-tank system with which the Army is seeking to replace its obsolescent M901 Improved TOW Vehicles.
Meanwhile, Boeing Aerospace Company is producing a system called PMS (Pedestal-Mounted Stinger) as one of the elements of the US Army's five-part FAADS (Forward Area Air Defense System), also based on the FIM-92 Stinger.