FAAFFour Alternative Auditory Feature
FAAFFederación Argentina de Apoyo Familiar (Spanish: Family Support Federation of Argentina)
FAAFFlint Area Advertising Federation (est. 1977; Flint, MI)
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As a result, Mrs Barron decided to go and see her GP and asked to be referred to the Age UK FAAF programme too.
FAAF classes, Mrs Barron gradually began to decrease the amount of oxygen she required and in December came off the oxygen altogether.
palindrome (1221) tautonym (2121) ANNA NANA BAAB (surname) ABAB (ch) COOC (ch) OCOC (hill - Mexico) DAAD (edd) ADAD ESSE SESE FAAF (wadi - Somalia) AFAF (Ethiopia) GAAG (chilblain - AGAG (mamsp) Manx) HUUH (p2) UH-UH ISSI (stream - Benin) SISI JAAJ (dje) AJAJ, Qal' at al (ruin - Bahrain) KAAK AKAK (Gabon) LAAL (edd) ALAL (ch) MAAM AMAM(locality-Ethiopia) NEEN ENEN ONNO (Italy) NONO PAAP (edd) APAP, Sungai (stream - Malaysia) QAAQ (Arabic: crow) AQAQ (well - UAE) REER ERER SAAS (eh) ASAS(stream- Eq.