FAAMFukuoka Asian Art Museum (Japan)
FAAMFacility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements (UK)
FAAMFleet Air Arm Museum (National Museum of the Royal Navy; Somerset, England, UK)
FAAMFree and Accepted Masons (Washington, DC)
FAAMFinancial Aid Awareness Month (various organizations)
FAAMFoot and Ankle Ability Measure (physical therapy)
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Abbreviations: 3D = three-dimensional, CAI = chronic ankle instability, FAAM = Foot and Ankle Ability Measure, FADI = Foot and Ankle Disability Index, FFI = Foot Function Index, IAROM = Iowa Ankle ROM, ID-BM = inverse dynamics based method, JOA scale = Japanese Orthopedic Association's foot rating scale, MSE = manual spasticity evaluator, PT-BM = potentiometer and torquemeter based method, ROM = range of motion.
In the case of the FAAM aircraft, the aims were to a) investigate halocarbon production in the marine boundary layer and b) characterize the composition of air in the main convective inflow.
HCLD, FAAM, Associate Professor, Director; and Barbara DeBurger, Lead Technologist, Diagnostic Infectious Diseases Testing Laboratory, Dept.
Jerome Abramson, PhD, FAAM, SM(AAM) Reisterstown, MD
The UK CLARIFY (Clouds and Aerosol Radiative Impacts and Forcing: Year 2016) campaign plans to bring the UK FAAM BAe-146 plane to Ascension Island in September 2016, overlapping with ORACLES-2016.
HCLD, FAAM, Associate Professor, Director of the Diagnostic Infectious Disease Testing Laboratory, Dept.
The Met Office funded the operation of the BAe 146 FAAM aircraft, which is owned by NERC and operated jointly by NCAS on behalf of NERC and the Met Office.
FAAM, Innovative Medicines Head of Infectious Diseases and Vaccines at MedImmune.
The payload of three aircraft (French SAFIRE ATR42, German DLR Falcon (20), UK FAAM BAe146) is required to carry the instrumentation needed to measure chemistry, aerosol, and meteorology in sufficient detail.
Service maintenance on the trucks fault FAAM tt3500 ch4 with tilting from 5 mA supplied with the vehicle fleet Amsa.
Figure SB3 shows an example of measurements upwind and downwind of London on FAAM flight B725 on 9 August 2012, characterized by well-mixed Atlantic westerly maritime inflow.
The FAAM aircraft can operate up to an altitude of 10 km with an endurance of around 5 h [see Renfrew et al.