FAAYFoundation for the Advancement of Aboriginal Youth (Canada)
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This year about 110 scholarships and bursaries will be given out through the FAAY program to Aboriginal students-status, non-status, Metis and Inuit-of all ages and from all parts of the country.
Eurest Support Services Worldwide "Achieving Our Common Future" Scholarship and Bursary Program -- FAAY
FAAY c/o Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business 204A St.
FAAY will distribute $15,000 per year for the next three years for Marathon Canada's "Fueling the Future" bursary and scholarship program.
By submitting one form, you are eligible for the consideration of about 145 different scholarships through FAAY.
Bank of Montreal - Canadian Aboriginal Youth Bursary - FAAY
One of the most important factors for FAAY is need as opposed to best grades," said Williams.
Previous winners of a FAAY bursary are not eligible.
Corporate sponsors who support FAAY will award over $292,000 in scholarships and bursaries to Aboriginals (Status, Non-Status, Metis and Inuit).
The program provides students with a sort of one-stop-shopping option-they complete just one application form in order to be considered for all the scholarships and bursaries managed by FAAY on behalf of the many companies involved in the program.
In 1998, corporate sponsors who support FAAY will award $84,500 in bursaries and scholarships.
And some of them are doing FAAY as well, so it becomes a very important package that they can implement within the organization in the sense that if they're doing the scholarship program, FAAY, then they're investing in the future of Aboriginal youth.