FABBLFarm Assured British Beef and Lamb (UK)
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FABBL will now be known as EFSIS-FABBL and will form part of a new EFSIS agricultural division which will be run from offices at Milton Keynes.
If FABBL does not confirm that its six month farm assurance requirement has been shelved until a full breeder recruitment programme has been completed we are certain that after March 1 next year abattoirs committed to processing FABBL cattle will be unable to give a complete service to retail customers who demand the farm assurance qualification,'' said NBA chief executive, Robert Forster.
The Dixons received pounds 100 prize money along with a cut-glass FABBL Rose Bowl and a year's free membership to FABBL.
FABBL Farm Assurance will be known as EFSIS-FABBL, and will form part of the new EFSIS agriculture division in Milton Keynes, headed by Agriculture Director Rub Gready.
The new FABBL Assurance standards implement the ABM standards which were announced recently (available on the Assured British Meat website www.
The organisation offers a 'one stop shop' approach, in so far as it also inspects and certifies against a number of other schemes within the agricultural and horticultural sectors, including Assuring Produce and the FABBL Beef, Lamb and Cereals.
MORE than 18,000 FABBL livestock members are being sent details of new transport standards and increased farm assurance residency periods.
FABBL, who merged with EFSIS in 2003, is the leading assurance scheme in the sheep sector.
FABBL has become the UK's largest farm assurance scheme to obtain United Kingdom Accreditation Service (Ukas) accreditation for both cereals and livestock assurance.
All farms in the club need to be assured through FABBL (Farm Assured British Beef and Lamb), demonstrating their commitment to food safety and animal welfare.
It goes without saying that the farm's ewe flock is registered with Farm Assured British Beef and Lamb (FABBL) and all purchased stores also come from FABBL sources.
To get the Farm Assurance Supplement (FAS), part of the Sheep Annual Premium (SAPS) scheme, from next year, farmers must be certified for lamb production under a recognised assurance scheme such as FABBL.