FABCFirst African Baptist Church (various locations)
FABCFederation of Asian Bishops Conference
FABCFrench American Banking Corporation
FABCFederation of Australian Buddhist Councils (Australia)
FABCForest Alliance of British Columbia (Canada)
FABCFriends of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
FABCFellow of the American Board of Criminalistics (American Board of Criminalistics, Inc.)
FABCFaith Alliance Bible Church
FABCFourteenth Avenue Baptist Church (Sacramento, California)
FABCFellow of The Advisory Board Company
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To see for himself how FABC operates at grassroots level, the Police and Crime Commissioner was invited to one of the monthly meetings it holds for its members in Mold.
To see for himself how FABC operates as grassroots level, the Police and Crime Commissioner was invited to one of the regular monthly meetings it holds for its members in Mold.
5) The third Congress of Asian Theologians (August 2001), jointly sponsored by the CCA and the FABC, indicated renewed interest in dealing with the reality of religious traditions in their specificity.
A single-subject, A-B-C-C'-C" with modified changing criterion design (Kazdin, 2011; Osborne & Himadi, 1990), was used to determine whether there was a functional relationship between FABC (independent variable) and teacher implementation of the intervention and student behavior (dependent variables).
53) Quoted in Sean McDonagh, "The Christian Vocation to Promote Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation," Paper presented at the Sixth Plenary' Assembly of the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conference; FABC Paper No.
As an Asian, I find it gratifying--and humbling --that ideas and sentiments as Pope Francis' have been repeatedly expressed by the FABC and Asian theologians in the last 50 years.
Since its founding in 1971, the FABC has deeply influenced Asian theological reflection and praxis, and its statements have had a "compelling power" for social transformation.
Ce congres aura lieu a l'Hotel Hyatt Regency de Casablanca du 6 au 8 Juin 2013 sous l'egide de la federation internationale de chimie clinique et medecine de laboratoire (IFCC), avec les hospices de la FIFBCML et de la FABC.
Represented Sri Lanka as one of the five member delegation of Young Clergy at a Conference organized by the FABC in Philippines in 1994.
Las FABC y el ELN estan en la lista de organizaciones terroristas de Estados Unidos", dice Steve Johnson, analista de America Latina en la Heritage Foundation, de Washington.
A total of 137 hours of labor, two dump trucks, a roller, two pick-up trucks, 150 gal of TAC coat, and 52 tons of FABC were required.
10) John Mansford Prior, SVD, "Jesus Christ the Way to the Father: The Challenge of the Pentecostals," FABC Papers 119, 35, http://www.