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FABSFly Away Broadcast System
FABSFeatures And Benefits Selling
FABSFinancial Accounting and Budgeting System (DISA)
FABSFlexible Account Billing System
FABSFirst of America Brokerage Service
FABSFast Access Binary-Tree Structure
FABSFinance and Business Services (various locations)
FABSFood and Beverage Service
FABSFraction Absorbed (Gastrointestinal Tract)
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The new 56nm flash will be produced initially at Fab 3, the first 300mm wafer facility that SanDisk and Toshiba opened in 2005.
300mm Fab Will Add 50,000 Wafer Capacity; New R&D Center Nearing Completion at UMC's Southern Taiwan Site
Fabs (Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages) in the United Kingdom - http://www.
Hynix's selection of our Spartan Sorter for their follow-on order and new fab is yet further validation for this technology," said Paula LuPriore, vice president and general manager, software, solutions and factory interface products, of Asyst.
These declines were driven initially in part by a rise in duty levied on FABs in the April 2002 budget, which linked the duty charged on FABs to that of spirits.
Collectively, all of the new fabs coming online in 2007 will have the capacity to produce up to the equivalent of 2 million 200mm (8-inch) wafers.
Fab 36 engineers, with the help of AMD's patented Automated Precision Manufacturing (APM) systems, are constantly analyzing data collected from the test chips and making consistent improvements.
Best views FABS programs as a reasonable activity for highly rated companies with diverse business lines, considerable expertise in asset/liability and investment management, and sufficient financial flexibility.
Called Fab 12, the factory is Intel's second volume-production fab using 65nm process technology produced on the industry's largest wafer size (300mm), which provides the Intel fab with the potential to generate the world's highest microprocessor output at the lowest cost.