FACDLFlorida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
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173) First, the court noted the FACDL had not cited any case
Based in Tallahassee, FACDL serves to be the unified voice of the criminal defense community, to improve the criminal justice system at the judicial, legislative and executive levels, to insure the integrity and independence of the criminal defense lawyer and to promote the protection of the rights of individuals.
Nellie King, FACDL president, said the organization is concerned that constitutional rights are taking a back seat to expediency.
Todd Doss of Lake City and Sonya Rudenstine of Gainesville also were awarded the FACDL President's Award, for their pro bono representation of FACDL in its quo warranto action, which sought to have legislation changing the method of delivering representation to indigent Floridians charged with crimes declared unconstitutional.
The committee's action effectively kills the bill, which the FACDL had set as its top legislative priority for this year's session.
I respect the court's decision and am sure that the membership of FACDL will throw its full support behind the five regional counsel and their clients," Rudenstine said.
We have offered employees of the regional counsels' offices opportunity to join the FACDL at public defender rates.
Gainesville lawyer Sonya Rudenstine barely got a chance to introduce herself as representing FACDL, when Justice Raoul Cantero jumped in with a barrage of questions:
FACDL had originally filed for a writ of quo warranto seeking to stop the CCCRCs from doing their jobs and from Crist and the Florida Senate from confirming their appointments.
On December 20, Davey ruled for the FACDL, agreeing with its arguments.
Deen filled the gap by observing, "I wasn't asked my credentials, but I'm a life member of FACDL.
FACDL, of course, is the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the organization that went to court seeking to block the operations of the five regional counsels (one for the jurisdictional area of each district court of appeal).