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FACETSFairfax Area Christian Emergency and Transitional Services (Virginia)
FACETSFamily Assistance Center for Education, Training and Support (Wisconsin)
FACETSFramework Application for Core Edge Transport Simulations (government-funded project; physics)
FACETSFacts about Columbia Essential to Students (Columbia University; New York)
FACETSFacilities Construction, Engineering and Technical Services
FACETSFrequency And Coverage Evaluation in Time-Sharing
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Unilateral facet joint injuries are uncommon and represent approximately 6% of all cervical spine injuries.
Founded in 2006, FACETS provides management consulting services to a wide range of organizations.
Users search for the indexed document directly using a keyword query and the system generates facets based on the documents' properties.
Hearst defines facets as a [sic] "a set of meaningful labels organized in such a way as to reflect the concepts relevant to a domain.
Degeneration of the facets occurs in a manner that can be likened to the degenerative cascade of the intervertebral disc.
Facet Solutions has received venture capital from its partners De Novo Ventures and Spray Venture Partners.
However, the catchment-scale based landforms (based on toposequence in a catchment) often do not contain adequate details to delineate soil-landscape facets within a particular landscape unit, not are they associated with soil landscape units in soil mapping.
This is precisely where Reaction Facets takes shape: in the space of the distracted moment, but one so painstakingly reconstructed that it becomes a renewed opportunity for worldly engagement.
In most chunks of crystalline material, facets correspond to a few, highly favored planes within the lattice of atoms.
The proofreader changed the sentence in the published version to read: "All facets of our school program are permeated by a philosophy.
A kneecap with abnormal undersurface facets that are either too shallow or at the wrong angle, uneven medial and lateral facets, or only a lateral facet.
and it is mostly public relations that can address this facet.