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FACTSFamilies to Amend California's Three Strikes
FACTSFlexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems
FACTSFamilies Acting for Community Traffic Safety
FACTSFederation of Australian Commercial Television Stations
FACTSFlexible Alternating Current Transmission System
FACTSForest Atmosphere Carbon Transfer and Storage
FACTSFederal Agencies Centralized Trial-Balance System
FACTSField Accomplishments and Compliance Tracking System (database; US FDA)
FACTSFlorida Association of Coordinated Transportation Systems (transportation disadvantaged)
FACTSFamily Assistance and Care through Technology Services (Indiana)
FACTSFood Anaphylactic Children Training and Support
FACTSFramework for Appropriate Care throughout Sheffield (UK)
FACTSFlorida's Academic Counseling and Tracking for Students (Florida Department of Education)
FACTSForeign Access Central Tracking System
FACTSFinancial and Air Clearance Transportation System
FACTSFamilies Against the Casino Threat in Singapore
FACTSFast Automatic Cash Transfer System (FACTS Management Co.)
FACTSFor A Clean Tonawanda Site
FACTSFirst Amendmist Church of True Science
FACTSFishing Activity and Catch Tracking System (software)
FACTSFacility for the Analysis and Comparison of Tsunami Simulations (NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory)
FACTSFlorida Agricultural Conference & Trade Show
FACTSFirst Atheist Church of True Science
FACTSFailure and Accidents Technical Information System (industrial accidents database)
FACTSFlorida Atlantic Coast Transport Study
FACTSFetal Alcohol Consultation & Training Services (Alaska)
FACTSFleet Automated Control Tracking System
FACTSFuture Administrators Cultural Training Seminar (New York University)
FACTSFMEA/CIL Tracking System
FACTSFacilities Assets Catalog and Tracking System
FACTSFasteners, Actuators, Connectors, Tools, Subsystems
FACTSFair and Consistent Treatment System (Sprint)
FACTSFunds and Cost Tracking System
FACTSFill and Cash Tracking System
FACTSFinancial Accounting & Cost Tracking System
FACTSFACSFAC Air Control and Tracking System
FACTSFernald Analytical Computerized Tracking System
FACTSFront Access Cross-Connect Termination System (Telect)
FACTSForeign Asset Control Tracking System
FACTSFinancial, Accounting and Claims Targeted Solutions
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In like manner all public facts are to be individualized, all private facts are to be generalized.
In the early history of Asia and Africa, Nomadism and Agriculture are the two antagonist facts.
In the former, the revision of the law only will be, generally speaking, the proper province of the Supreme Court; in the latter, the re-examination of the fact is agreeable to usage, and in some cases, of which prize causes are an example, might be essential to the preservation of the public peace.
An idealistic monist who long puzzled the philosophers of that time with his denial of the existence of matter, but whose clever argument was finally demolished when the new empiric facts of science were philosophically generalized.
He gave them facts, always facts, checked their excursions into the air, and brought them back to the solid earth and its facts.
I will then pass on to the variability of species in a state of nature; but I shall, unfortunately, be compelled to treat this subject far too briefly, as it can be treated properly only by giving long catalogues of facts.
Memories, as mental facts, arise from time to time, but do not, so far as we can see, exist in any shape while they are "latent.
The widest empirical laws of sequence known at any time can only be "explained" in the sense of being subsumed by later discoveries under wider laws; but these wider laws, until they in turn are subsumed, will remain brute facts, resting solely upon observation, not upon some supposed inherent rationality.
I have always felt proud, whenever I think of the incident, that my mother had strength of character enough not to be led into the temptation of seeming to be that which she was not--of trying to impress my schoolmates and others with the fact that she was able to buy me a "store hat" when she was not.
General Epanchin had judged it better to say nothing about it, though, of course, she was well aware of the fact.
Or if this postulate is as untenable as all the others, still I am very glad that I did not then lose any fact of the majesty, and beauty, and pathos of the great certain measures for the sake of that fourth dimension of the poem which is not yet made palpable or visible.
And the fact that there was a full moon clinched it.