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FADECFull Authority Digital Engine Control
FADECFull Authority Digital Electronic Control
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Pilots' control of the engines through FADEC cannot be assured.
He said a couple of relatively minor problems had cropped up in testing last week but that the 'critical path' concerned the delivery of FADEC software, not expected before the end of October.
I heard the "engine right, engine right" voice warning, along with the R ENG caution, dual FADEC channel lineouts, and a thrust-engine status with the right nozzle stuck at 17 percent.
In 1997, three years after the crash, Channel 4 News asked Computer Weekly executive editor Tony Collins to interpret a leaked copy of a memo from IT firm EDS about the FADEC software.
The committee's inquiry uncovered a catalogue of potentially disastrous software errors in the new FADEC system, which was being fitted to all Chinooks.
The joint venture, called FADEC Alliance, will be the exclusive FADEC supplier for CFM International's next generation engine, LEAP, and GE's Passport engine.
We are confident that our comprehensive FADEC overhaul solution, coupled with our world-class turnaround time, will provide superior value for Southwest Airlines.
Damning evidence has also been unearthed since the crash over serious faults in the FADEC engine control system used in the Chinook Mark II.
The MPs branded the verdict "unsustainable" and said problems with a new computerised engine control system, known as FADEC, could have caused the accident.
Yesterday the magazine said it had obtained MoD documents which showed it had sued the manufacturers of the FADEC software system after a 1989 crash in which a helicopter was severely damaged during a ground test.
They have raised their concerns about the FADEC engine system installed in the Chinook soon before it crashed.
But despite the low-cost target, Bell is incorporating a lot of advanced but proven technologies into the 505, including Garmin's integrated G1000 glass-panel avionics and a Turbomeca Arrius 2R engine with dual-channel FADEC.