FADNDurban (airport code; South Africa)
FADNFarm Accountancy Data Network (EU)
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It is concerning the fact that 32 percent of the farmers are familiar with FADN given our aspirations to join the European Union where this system is compulsory.
The aim of the study is to define the determinants of the balance of cash flow from operating activities of the farms participating in the PL FADN (1) system in the Podlaskie voivodeship.
The concepts of income and net value added were utilized in the analysis in compliance with FADN nomenclature.
The regional FADN office in Barcelona provided us with five year data (1989 to 1993) from 170 Catalan farms.
Figure 2 below shows the cost/output results for the eight year average, for each of the selected countries, for all specialist dairy farms in the FADN sample.
Two days after the October 2002 Pyongyang Declaration, FADN and KWAFU petitioned the South Korean government to put the abductee issue on the agenda for any future unification talks (Yonhap, September 19, 2002).
FADN is still being piloted in Poland and at present the only national, annual, farm survey is conducted by the Polish Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics (IERiGZ) (3), and this has been used as the main source of data.
Recall, on the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland, FADN of Russia held an interethnic relay race "ProRF: About Russia
In support of this topic last year, FADN of Russia initiated the first all-Russian award for the preservation of the linguistic diversity "Keyword".
Takes place within the framework of the project" Inter-national movement "ProRF" organized by FADN of Russia.
Contract award notice: The Czech Republic, as a Member State of the EU, is committed to the FADN Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) annual implementation of data enabling statistical monitoring of the economic situation of agricultural holdings across the EU.
The subject of the public contract is security monitoring production and economic information in the file farms accordance with the methodology of the data network - the FADN ~(based on binding EU legislation), regular annual survey and the transfer of business information contracting authority, in the prescribed form and the required deadlines, including security checks and repairs the data transmitted according to client requirements.