FAFOInstitute for Applied Social Science
FAFOFédération des Ainés et des Retraités Francophones de l'Ontario (French: Federation of Pensioners and Seniors Francophones in Ontario; Canada)
FAFOFine Arts for Ocala
FAFOFirst And Final Offer
FAFOFagbevaegelsens Forsknings Organisation
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Alcira Fafo se le abalanzo para degollarla con una navaja, y como se lo impedimos le grito, a la otra que ya se revolcaba garchando con su hijo" (143).
1) This article is a 2012 updated synthesis of the international study directed by BearingPoint, AFD/Proparco and Fafo.
The new FAFO operation will introduce the use of digital operation sheets to aid in assembly and operate a four-position flight line to produce the new aircraft.
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A Norwegian research organization, Fafo, worked with Jordan's Department of Statistics and found that, by one statistical measure, the true number might be as low as 161,000, though Fafo cautioned that some Iraqis may not have identified themselves for fear of deportation.
The poll, conducted in the West Bank in February and the Gaza Strip in May by the Fafo foundation, revealed that "31 percent of Palestinians believe both Fatah and Hamas are unfit to lead the Palestinian people.
An extensive study by the Norwegian social welfare research organization Fafo found that just 15 percent of adult Palestinians have employment contracts.
But Mark Taylor an international law expert and a director at the Fafo Institute for International Studies in Norway, told Al Jazeera the evidence so far "indicated that there's a case to be made that a war crime may have been committed".
On the Palestinian side, Obama is talking to the wrong man: More than half of residents in the Occupied Palestinian Territories do not consider Abbas the "legitimate" president of the Palestinians, according to a March survey by Fafo, a Norwegian research organization.
Jennings, The War zone as social space: Social research in conflict zones (Oslo: Fafo Information Office, 2007), pp.