FAFSForum d'Affaires Franco-Suisse (French: Franco-Swiss Business Forum)
FAFSFaculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (American University of Beirut; Lebanon)
FAFSFédération des Associations Féminines du Sénégal (French)
FAFSFlame Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy
FAFSFalcon Air Force Station (Colorado Springs, CO, USA)
FAFSFederal Association of Financial Services (Pinellas County, FL)
FAFSFirst American Federal Solutions (FEMA contractor)
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I am delighted to be working with FAFS and AUB colleagues on research, education and engagement activities that help the Arab region achieve higher securities in water, energy and food resources.
La estrategia matheuristica consiste en emplear el modelo MIP, presentado en la primera parte del trabajo, obtener un conjunto inicial de soluciones pactibles, para luego aplicar, modificando la caracteristica de la carga desde intensidad constante a potencia constante, la metaheuristica FEPSO GIST hasta detectar pocos cambios en la funcion de aptitud, y pasar a la aplicacion de la metaheuristica FAFS.
But until we find an ISP innovative enough to offer a thin client service, I guess the FAFS hotlines will have to remain open.
Following the recent acquisition of Manchester-headquartered Swift, the acquisition of FAFS provides Marlowe with an enlarged base from which to service customers in the London area and cross-sell other group services, including security and water treatment, which share the same channel to market as fire protection.
The FAFS senior management team will stay with the business post-acquisition.
In the 12 months to 31 January 2016, FAFS recorded revenues of GBP3.
Sweet Corn Day is an annual event that FAFS organizes to provide its alumni and the AUB community at large with an environment that is fun for families and is a good place to meet old friends and make new ones.
The day was a success and FAFS has received positive feedback from many of the visitors.
On Sweet Corn Day, FAFS graduates gather and mingle, and it is important for me to meet agriculture graduates and students in order to share work and career experiences.
The Arab world is among those developing regions that lack adequate food safety and bio-security awareness and proper implementation," said FAFS Dean Nahla Hwalla.
Musa Freiji, FAFS alumni chapter president, said that encouragement of production should go hand-in-hand with food safety measures.