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FAFSAFree Application for Federal Student Aid (US Department of Education)
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New for academic year 2018-19, all students must file the FAFSA to be considered eligible for any state aid program.
Also, filing a FAFSA early may increase the chance for merit (not need-based) aid because some colleges require the FAFSA for such grants.
The disabling of the IRS DRT--which the National College Access Network says took place "at the height of the FAFSA submission cycle"--has impacted countless students who had planned to use the tool to apply for federal student aid, advocates testified recently on Capitol Hill.
The remaining schools did not plan to make significant changes in the first year of early FAFSA.
Identity thieves may have used personal information obtained outside the tax system to access the FAFSA form in an attempt to secure tax information through the Data Retrieval Tool.
The FAFSA is used to determine the expected family contribution, or EFC, to college expenses based on a family's financial situation.
com/story/advice-from-a-dad-and-the-under-secretary-of-education-on-the-college-application-process-2016-09-30) MarketWatch asked education undersecretary Ted Mitchell when he was planning to file the FAFSA for his college-aged daughter, he said, "We've got to be day oners.
And you'd be amazed at how many young people never do: over two million students who could be getting financial aid--more than $5,800 in Pell grants, for example--never complete their FAFSA.
They would send short text messages to students reminding them to complete the FAFSA and directing them to sources of help if they needed it.
Pulling together financial records and completing the FAFSA took a lot more time than I had expected.
In 2013, some 1,078 students received one-on-one help, and the FAFSA completion rate climbed to 57 percent.
Department of Education has been simplifying the FAFSA in an effort to reduce the barriers that low- and middle-income families face when filling out an unduly complex form.