FAGIFederal Adjusted Gross Income
FAGIFalse Alarm, Good Intent (fire reporting; Barbados and UK)
FAGIForum Aksi Guru Indonesia
FAGIFederazione Anarchica Giovanile Italiana (Italian: Young Italian Anarchist Federation)
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Indiana taxable income is equal to FAGI plus addbacks of federal deductions not allowed by Indiana, minus Indiana deductions and exemptions.
FAGI is the experimental process intensification platform for the further development of fully field mobile equipment that takes the processing of cellulosic biomass to the agriculture community.
While a definitive agreement has not yet been established between ATNE, CGSI, PCI and FAGI, it is presently intended that ATNE will acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of CGSI, PCI and FAGI, whereupon CGSI, PCI and FAGI will become wholly owned subsidiaries of ATNE.