FAHSFederation of American Hospitals (Washington, DC)
FAHSFederation of American Health Systems
FAHSFlorence Area Humane Society (Oregon)
FAHSFort Atkinson High School (Fort Atkinson, WI)
FAHSFinnish American Heritage Society (various locations)
FAHSFederation of Australian Historical Societies (Canberra, Australia)
FAHSFaculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (academics)
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Tom Scully, Federation President & CEO, described Miller's honor as a tribute to his strong leadership, personal commitment and continuing support of FAHS efforts.
HEALTHSOUTH executives say a primary reason for the affiliation with FAHS is the ongoing national debate on healthcare reform.
We believe our new partnership with FAHS allows us to join hands with other recognized industry leaders to shape the future of our healthcare system.
New directors have been appointed to the board of FAHS, and a shareholders meeting will be held to ratify related transactions and to change the name of the company to American Dream Entertainment Inc.
of Curacao, Dutch Antilles with offices in Los Angeles, whereby FAHS is acquiring the U.
Her last position at the FAHS was senior vice president, federal and state legislation.