FAICFellow of the American Institute of Chemists
FAICFirst American Indian Church (Los Angeles, CA)
FAICFederacion Argentina de la Industria del Caucho (Spanish: Argentina Federation of the Rubber Industry; Argentina)
FAICFamilies against Internet Censorship
FAICFederal Acquisition Intern Coalition (US FAI)
FAICFournitures Automobiles Industrielles de Châteauroux (French: Automotive Aftermarket Industry Chateauroux; Chateauroux, France)
FAICFor All I Care (band)
FAICFresh Anointing International Church (New York; est. 2001)
FAICForced Air Induction Collector (automotive)
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Program schedules and deadlines are determined by each institution and its team of assessors, subject to approval by FAIC.
The FAIC urged customers to contact the call centre (600530003), or visit its pages on social media, or its website, as well as customers happiness centres to verify information.
national strategy, and said that FAIC is also looking at how it can integrate
The FAIC will focus on the use of artificial intelligence
In addition, the FAIC provides access to other valuable career tools to assist job seekers in finding the best place to start their futures in the field of acquisition.
The FAIC encompasses positions at every stage of an acquisition career across multiple federal agencies.
Federation Argentina de la Industria del Coucho, Rubber Technological, VI Latinoamerican Journeys, IV Iberoamerican and V Argentine Journeys, Buenos Aires, Argentina, FAIC, tel: (54-11) 5218-6512 al 14; tax: (54-11) 5218-6515-October 7-8.
Ctr 2:15-3:15 Treatment of hyperlipidemia - Current state and future directions Jay Hollman, MD, Ochsner Clinic 3:15-3:30 Break 3:30-4:00 Poster presentations Clinical assessment 4:00-5:00 Cardiovascular effects of cocaine Jimmie Valentine, PhD, FAIC, University of Arkansas 5:30 Social: Mulate's Cajun Restaurant Presented by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center Clinical Research Laboratory in conjunction with the Southeast and Texas Sections of the AACC.
Jueneman, FAIC No, THIS IS NOT a National Geographic special, although it is an adventure of sorts-an analytical adventure.
According to FAIC (Federacion Argentina de la Industria del Caucho), rubber product manufacturing peaked in 1974 when 99, 100 mt of rubber was consumed.
Cortez Ruiz of FAIC said that the globalization of the industry has had a deleterious effect on the country's rubber product manufacturers who found themselves competing with imports, many of better quality.
The FAIC has 300 member companies presently, down from a high of 400 in 1990.