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FALINTILForças Armadas para a Liberação Nacional do Timor Leste
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Nymo said dozens of Falintil ''liaison officers'' will be integrated into PKF headquarters in Dili, the headquarters of the three military sectors -- West, Central and East -- and at the battalion level as well, where they will assist with operational planning.
An invitation sent to officials of the United Nations shows that the day-long festivities include a turnover ceremony for the Falintil commander but did not mention who will take Gusmao's place.
On Wednesday next week, it will travel to the Falintil cantonment at Aileu in the hills south of Dili to meet directly with Falintil commanders and veteran fighters who are expected to form the nucleus of the new defense force.
Spokeswoman Barbara Reis told reporters several trucks carrying Falintil members, including five platoon commanders, left their base in Alieau on Friday to "seek revenge" after two Falintil members were beaten up by locals in an outlying district of Dili.
But while they carried Falintil leave passes, papers issued when the former guerrillas leave their sole cantonment at Aileau, in the mountains south of Dili, they were unable to produce Falintil ID cards.
When it first went on air in 1997, Falintil Radio broadcast pro-independence music and propaganda for the National Liberation Armed Forces of East Timor (Falintil), which was fighting for East Timor's independence from Indonesia.
FALINTIL veterans had joined lorosa'e youth in the fight.
In particular, this period saw the armed wing of the resistance honoured as the primary contributor to the liberation struggle and set Falintil veterans apart as the most esteemed members of East Timorese society.
As aforementioned, in Timor-Leste, the army (F-FDTL, Falintil-Forcas de Defesa de Timor-Leste in Portuguese) has its origins in the transformation of Falintil into a regular armed force.
Jonathan Coleman said : "This agreement signifies how our bilateral relationship has matured, and it builds on the close working relationship between the New Zealand Defense Force and the Falintil Forcas de Defesa Timor-Leste (F-FDTL).
Ironically, it was this new generation of Indonesianera nationalists who were prominent agitators for independence and lent the necessary support to the small but powerfully symbolic contingent of Falintil guerrillas in the mountains (personal comments, V.
Pacific Angel was a joint humanitarian and civic-military operation in Baucau and Com with the Falintil Forcas de Defesa de Timor-Leste and Australian International Stabilization Forces.