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FAMESFlorida Association of Medical Equipment Services (est. 1982)
FAMESFilipino-American Multi-Ethnic Society (Hawaii)
FAMESFrequency Agile Multiple Emitter Simulator
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Virgil, giving the pedigree of Fame, saith, she was sister to the Giants:
Now I have got you," said Sancho; "in that case the fame of them who bring the dead to life, who give sight to the blind, cure cripples, restore health to the sick, and before whose tombs there are lamps burning, and whose chapels are filled with devout folk on their knees adoring their relics be a better fame in this life and in the other than that which all the heathen emperors and knights-errant that have ever been in the world have left or may leave behind them?
Whatever earthly affection he abandoned or grasped, the great Admiral was always, before all, beyond all, a lover of Fame.
The talented Vincent Crummles, long favourably known to fame as a country manager and actor of no ordinary pretensions, is about to cross the Atlantic on a histrionic expedition.
It did not bring him the fame he sought nor make him great among the statesmen of the land.
Rebecca, if I appear not in these lists I lose fame and rank lose that which is the breath of my nostrils, the esteem, I mean, in which I am held by my brethren, and the hopes I have of succeeding to that mighty authority, which is now wielded by the bigoted dotard Lucas de Beaumanoir, but of which I should make a different use.
Away from the market-place and from fame taketh place all that is great: away from the market-Place and from fame have ever dwelt the devisers of new values.