FAMISFEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Audit Management Information System
FAMISFinancial Accounting and Management Information System
FAMISFinancial and Management Information System
FAMISFamily Assistance Management Information Systems
FAMISFacilities Asset Management Information System
FAMISForeign Affairs Management Information System
FAMISFleet Automated Messaging Information System
FAMISFleet Accounting Management Information System (McCulloch & Associates Air Cushion Industries Ltd. system)
FAMISFinest At Manufacturing, Innovation, and Service (Famis Manufacturing, Inc.; Green Bay, WI)
FAMISFinance and Access Managememt Information System (Sprint)
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We are celebrating an important milestone in the Commonwealths history, as FAMIS has provided more than 630,000 children in Virginia with health insurance over the past fifteen years, said Governor McAuliffe, speaking at todays event.
Since 2001 over 630,000 children have received health insurance through the FAMIS program.
The new Higher Education practice will be lead by seasoned IWMS executive Tony Stack, formerly of FAMIS Software.
Pervasive's joint presentation with Steve Hanes, consultant for FAMIS Software, titled "Leveraging Pervasive Tools to Get the Most Out of FAMIS," will be held Sunday, April 6 from 4:15 p.
APis for Accruent FAMIS Xi product line to support features that include:
They've proven themselves through the work they've done for four years with the department's Online FAMIS 5 Series computer operations.
Building upon the current partnerships that VCUHS has developed with local social services agencies, the ultimate goal is to develop electronic mechanisms to share information to improve the application process for programs such as Medicaid and FAMIS.
While the former S-CHIP program benefits closely mirrored those of the state Medicaid program, FAMIS coverage is based upon Virginia's state employee's health benefit package.
Secretary Rossiter will discuss FAMIS, preview the beginning of the public relations campaign, and take questions following the program.
FAMIS is a large, mission critical application that focuses on family assistance service delivery to families in Missouri.
Along with consulting services, the company provides mainframe and client/server financial systems software, R-STARS, FAMIS, ADPICS, and the Performance Series, which is currently in use by 15 federal agencies, 15 states and more than 200 local governments.
In addition to the new Personal IDentification Solutions, exhibits in booth #46 highlight Unisys solutions in the following human services areas: child welfare, FAMIS programs, child support enforcement and Medicaid programs.