FAMOFahrzeug und Motorenbau (Polish military vehicle manufacturer)
FAMOFédération des Associations Mycologiques de l'Ouest (French: Western Mycological Federation of Associations)
FAMOFilm Academy of Miroslav Ondricek (Czech Republic)
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Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics was also one of the investors in Famos LLC, and the online service was being run by Jason Trawick, the man who was briefly engaged to pop star Britney Spears.
In addition, Famos envisioned organising cultural events in the hotel's restaurant to attract visitors from both Vna and surrounding villages.
Since Casa Piz Tschutta only had five guest rooms, Famos came up with the idea to connect rental rooms and apartments in the village to the hotel enterprise, thus transforming the whole village into a hotel.
1% formic acid were injected with a Famos Autosampler onto a 75 [micro]m x 18 cm fused silica capillary column packed with C18 or C8 media, in a 250-[micro]L/min gradient of 5% acetonitrile 0.
All system modules, including the pumping/detection unit, the FAMOS micro autosampler and the Switchos microcolumn switching device, are now designed without stainless steel.
The nano-light chromatography/ tandem mass spectrometry runs were performed using either Ultimate TM capillary LC system, Famos autosampler, and Switchos II (Dionex/LC Packings) coupled to QStarPulsar (ABI/MDS-SCIEX) or CapLC coupled to Q-TOF Global (Waters /Micromass).
el hecho de que la filosofAaAaAeA a estAaAaAeA@ explicada, todos ustedes saben, ordine geomAaAaAeA@trico o more geomAaAaAeA@trico, no recu cuAaAaAeA l de los dos latines usa AaAaAeA@l, y ese sistema lo ha hecho famos al mismo tiempo ha hecho que el libro sea menos asequible" (Borges en la Escuela Freudiana 59).
Together with surveys conducted by SMA, the contracted surveys will constitute the survey programme conducted under the project FAMOS Odin (2015-EU-TM-0132-M; http://www.
FAMOS will develop a new generation of light sources with step-changes in performance beyond the state-of-the-art to radically transform biophotonic technologies for point-of-care diagnosis and functional imaging.
description: Study and Works for FAMOS (Finalising the Motorways of the Sea Surveying the Baltic Sea) (Lead partner Swedish Maritime Administration); budget 4,5-5 M
Lot 1 Famos / FM network access-control and anti-intrusion systems