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I ran my eye down that nice typewritten bill of fare looking for something in that line.
The young man drew the bill of fare from his pocket, and pointed to a line.
The airline plans to operate five times per week from Gatwick with a lead in fare as low as [pounds sterling]75.
Our Travel Management Center advises that her City Pair contract fare is $269 each way and that only middle seats are available.
Major airlines are getting aggressive, and they will continue to try to make it more painful for lower-fare airlines by chopping fares,'' Shonstrom said.
The transit industry increasingly has turned toward automatic fare collection.
Thomas, the cost of the package would be $459 from Miami, and the add-on round-trip air fare from Dallas would be $256 presumably because Aruba is much farther away.
If I know that if I cut my fare $20 today, you're going to cut yours $20 tomorrow, then it's stupid for me to do it," said Randall Malin, executive vice president of marketing at USAir.
As an airline consolidator, Fare Buzz enables travelers to compare flight prices with several airlines simultaneously.
But Hahn said he was unconvinced that the agency needed the $14 million in revenue the fare hike will generate its first year.
We look forward to partnering with Fare Buzz," said Gregory Lykiardopoulos, Chairman and CEO for Triton.
America West Airlines unveiled a new brand campaign that clearly highlights the airline's unique position as the nation's premier low- fare carrier and the only airline to give consumers the ability to "Upgrade Their Low Fare Experience.