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FARESFrontiers in Availability, Reliability and Security (international workshop)
FARESFirst American Real Estate Solutions, LLC
FARESFoundation for Anthropological Research and Environmental Studies
FARESForensic Analysis of Risks in Enterprise Systems
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I ran my eye down that nice typewritten bill of fare looking for something in that line.
The young man drew the bill of fare from his pocket, and pointed to a line.
Southwest Airlines Hikes Fares on High Fuel Prices.
CA fares have a limited number of seats, but no other restrictions.
In the interest of common sense, as well as ADA compliance, transit systems must give blind passengers a way to pay fares independently.
The add-on air fares range from a high of $165 from Detroit, Memphis, Buffalo and Syracuse, N.
Now there are eight mega-carriers"-American, Delta, Northwest, Pan American, Texas Air (the parent company of Continental and Eastern), TWA, United, and USAir-and there are rising fares.
The increased awareness stems in part from concerns about higher air fares and hotel rates.