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FASFetal Alcohol Syndrome
FASForeign Agricultural Service
FASFinancial Accounting Standards
FASFederation of American Scientists (est. 1945; Washington, DC)
FASFaculty of Arts and Sciences
FASFree Alongside Ship (shipping)
FASFor A Second
FASForeign Agriculture Service
FASForskningsrådet för Arbetsliv och Socialvetenskap (Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research)
FASFatty Acid Synthase
FASFederal Acquisition Service (GSA)
FASFootball Association of Singapore
FASFederal Antimonopoly Service (Russia)
FASForeign Accent Syndrome
FASFire Alarm System
FASFreely Associated States (Micronesia)
FASFabric Attached Storage
FASFassa Bortolo (Tour de France cycling sponsor)
FASFixed Asset System
FASFaculty of Applied Science (various universities)
FASFrozen At Sea (commercial fishing)
FASFinancial Advisory Service
FASFederation of Atomic Scientists (now Federation of American Scientists)
FASFine Arts Society (Indianapolis, IN)
FASFirst Aid Squad
FASFinal Assembly Schedule
FASFirsts and Seconds (lumber/forest industry)
FASFrame Alignment Signal
FASForms Automation System
FASFederation of Astronomical Societies
FASFrequency Assignment Subcommittee
FASFédération des Autonomes de Solidarité (French: Autonomous Solidarity Federation)
FASFuels Automated System
FASFull Auto Shooting (cameras)
FASFrench Academy of Sciences
FASFalse Answer Supervision (telecommunications)
FASForeign Area Studies
FASFinancial Analysis System
FASFacility Associated Signalling
FASField Artillery System
FASFlow Admission Service
FASflywheel alternator starter
FASFunctional Area Services
FASFederal Aviation Service (Russia)
FASFamily Arabian Stallion (Breyer mold)
FASFire Alarm and Signal (cable)
FASFunctional Address Symbol
FASFaible Activité Spécifique (French: low specific activity)
FASFlexible Access System
FASForeign Affiliate Sales (economics)
FASApoptosis Stimulating Fragment (programmed cell death)
FASFunctional Area Supervisor (US Navy NTCSS)
FASFrequency Allocation Support
FASFonds d'Aide Sociale (French: Social Welfare Fund)
FASForce Accounting System
FASField Artillery Section
FASFresh Air Setup
FASFreight Alongside Ship
FASForce Augmentation System (military aviation; helicopters)
FASField Alert Status
FASFinal Approach Surface
FASForce Analysis Simulation
FASFOS Analysis Subsystem
FASFine Arts Seminar
FASFacility Analysis Session
FASForensic Ammunition Service
FASFeature Analysis Services
FASFacilities and Administrative Support Division
FASFemmes Afriques Solidarité (French)
FASFellow of the Antiquarian Socity
FASFleet Application Server (Navy)
FASFormation Assembly Ship (US Army Air Force, World War II)
FASFunctional Architecture Study
FASFleet Attack Submarine
FASFlap Actuation System
FASFunny As Stuff (polite form)
FASFelony Action Squad (New Orleans Police Department)
FASFunctional Area Sponsor
FASFuture American Schools (Alexandria, Egypt)
FASFarm Animal Sanctuary (various locations)
FASField Assistance Service (US Air Force)
FASFuture Airspace Strategy (UK Civil Aviation Authority)
FASFocus Adolescent Services (Salisbury, MD)
FASFund for Additional Services (Colorado)
FASFrankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (German newspaper)
FASFinancial Accounting Services (various organizations)
FASFlood Alleviation Scheme (UK)
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It may be under this new name Solas but FAS is far from dead.
FSP FAS 157-4 was issued in April 2009 after a brief, two-week comment period.
Investment companies in particular have paid great attention to FAS 157, as have entities that have goodwill on their financial statements.
The FAS emphasis on acquisition management will ensure that its activities are fully compliant with laws, regulations, and policies, and that operating practices are consistent across business lines.
Retain and Affirm Current Accounting Principles, including the FAS 5 Approach to the Determination of Contingent Tax Liabilities
The information allows FAS analysts to monitor the duration of droughts, assess how much water is available for irrigated farmland in arid regions, and ascertain how much of a crop a region can produce.
Eligible producers should act now, and I would encourage non-farm assured producers to join a scheme before the deadline if they want to claim FAS.
The physicians were trained in clinical genetics and FAS diagnosis and were unaware of the screening team's findings during the clinical evaluation of the children.
Although the diagnostic features of FAS are generally well established, the specific assessment techniques used to make the definitive diagnosis are still matters of debate.
headquarters in New York, FAS officials released high-resolution satellite images which they say provide visual proof of Indian and Pakistani plans to deploy nuclear weapons.