FASCFirst American Scientific Corporation
FASCFederation of Automobile Sports of the People's Republic of China
FASCFlorida Association of Student Councils
FASCFaculty Academic Standards Committee (UK)
FASCFinance/Administration Section Chief
FASCFlorida Association of Senior Centers
FASCFlorida Association of Safety Councils
FASCForward Area Signal Center
FASCFellow of the Academy of Saint Cecilia (UK)
FASCForward Air Support Center
FASCForward Area Support Coordinator
FASCFire & Air Support Center
FASCForce Automation Service Center
FASCFinancial Advisory Services Center (Defense Contract Audit Agency)
FASCFedEx Authorized ShipCenter (FedEx)
FASCFinancial Accounting Standards Committee (American Accounting Association)
FASCForeign Affairs Select Committee (UK)
FASCFederation of Anglo-Swiss Clubs (Switzerland)
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In 2011, the FASC published a scholarly commentary critiquing the ED 2010 as too vague and proposing a revenue standard-setting framework that would entirely replace it.
Esteemed surgical oncologist Carol Bier-Laning, MD, FASC, has joined CTCA to lead the program, which will offer innovative new treatment options and integrative care to patients.
30pm: Talk by Camille Butcher--see FASC website for details.
FASC provides research on 100+ public companies and monitors 250+ additional companies in these sectors.
In addition, FASC owns all KDS patents to be registered worldwide and will receive royalties wherever the technology is used.
Kantonen, Chairman of FASC is pleased to announce that we received confirmation today that our US patent application for the "Recovery of fuel and clay from biomass" contains allowable subject matter, meaning that we will be granted a new US process patent for our KDS equipment to cover the conversion of biomass to alternative green fuels.
Nichols, President of FASC "this solidifies our entry into the Asian market, as we gain strength and credibility in a region where the disposal of waste has become an urgent problem as dense populations are crowded into relatively small land areas.
According to Sheldon Rabin, MD, FASC, founder and president of the New York Eye Care clinics, "We see this as the logical extension of Paradigm Medical's current LD400 unit.
Rhicke Jennings, FedEx managing director for the Philippines and Indonesia stated: Customers and small businesses can now enjoy increased convenience in accessing FedEx shipping solutions through the addition of these 176 FASC s FedEx Authorized Ship Centers to our FedEx retail network.
The addition of the KDS system to their product lines will significantly enhance the business opportunities for both JNK and FASC in Korea.
FASC believes the KDS Micronex could become the preferred universal solution for handling Class B sludge by converting municipal waste
FASC will provide technical support and advice to assist Atlas in developing the most viable method of processing its clay, and Atlas has designated FASC as its core supplier of grinding and drying equipment for its mining operations.