FASCFinancial Accounting Standards Committee (American Accounting Association)
FASCForeign Affairs Select Committee (UK)
FASCFedEx Authorized ShipCenter (FedEx)
FASCFinancial Advisory Services Center (Defense Contract Audit Agency)
FASCFirst American Scientific Corporation
FASCFederation of Automobile Sports of the People's Republic of China
FASCFederation of Anglo-Swiss Clubs (Switzerland)
FASCFirst Analysis Securities Corporation (Chicago, IL)
FASCFlorida Association of Student Councils
FASCFaculty Academic Standards Committee (UK)
FASCFinance/Administration Section Chief
FASCFlorida Association of Senior Centers
FASCForward Area Signal Center
FASCFlorida Association of Safety Councils
FASCFellow of the Academy of Saint Cecilia (UK)
FASCFacilities and Area Subcommittee (South Korea)
FASCForward Air Support Center
FASCForce Automation Service Center
FASCForward Area Support Coordinator
FASCFire & Air Support Center
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In 2011, the FASC published a scholarly commentary critiquing the ED 2010 as too vague and proposing a revenue standard-setting framework that would entirely replace it.
In contrast to the expansive viewpoints of the FASC and CFA Institute, the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group argued that only with unilateral legal power to direct the use of and receive the benefit from a good or service (77) does a customer control that good or service, thereby allowing the seller to meet a threshold ED requirement for revenue recognition.
In a response to the FASB, the Committee noted that neither anecdotal evidence nor research supports the view that certain business combinations conform to the description of a "true merger" (AAA FASC 1999).
However, we do not believe the Board has made a compelling case for the reliability of the valuation tests, and we do not support recognition of internally generated goodwill (AAA FASC 2001).
30pm: Talk by Camille Butcher--see FASC website for details.
It continues: The capacity of FASC to deliver at least the current rates of effort, between 2,500 to 3,200 hours of airborne operations per year, is expected from the project.