FASEBFederation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
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Many reports, anecdotal and to some extent research-based, are now greatly strengthened by this more penetrating study," said Thoru Pederson, Editor-in-Chief of The FASEB Journal.
Gerald Weissmann, editor-in-chief of The FASEB Journal, said a blood test capable of detecting cancer and assessing one's risk for cancer is what he called "a game-changer".
The FASEB Journal editor-in-chief Gerald Weissmann, MD says, "This report confirms something we've known for a long time: pollution is bad for us.
FASEB Journal editor-in-chief Gerald Weissman said: "For generations, numerous remedies have been concocted to hide grey hair but now, for the first time, an actual treatment that gets to the root of the problem has been developed.
FASEB editor Dr Gerald Weissman added: "Early diagnosis can help patients and their care-givers prepare for the possibility of the mental, emotional and behavioural problems that the disease can cause.
We recognize in FASEB that we're living in a world where we're all impacted by the economic situation.
Gerald Weissmann, editor-in-chief of The FASEB Journal said: "This study shows we are still learning about the many actions of this amazing drug.
The researchers, writing in the online FASEB Journal, said that theobromine worked by suppressing vagus nerve activity, which is responsible for causing coughing.
FASEB has an informative article titled "Cloning: Past, Present, and the Exciting Future," available as part of its Breakthroughs in Bioscience series.
HighWire publications already available through the ChemPort Connection are the British Medical Journal, FASEB Journal, and Journal of Biological Chemistry.
has announced that it has negotiated a license to publish the full contents of The FASEB Journal beginning with the first issue of 1999.