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FASLFas Ligand
FASLFujitsu Amd Semiconductor Limited
FASLFormal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics (Conference)
FASLFondation pour l'Animation Socioculturelle Lausannoise (French: Foundation for Socio-Cultural Animation Lausanne; Switzerland)
FASLFeet Above Sea Level
FASLFoundstone Attack Scripting Language (computing)
FASLFerranti Air Systems Ltd. (UK)
FASLFellow, Academic Society of London
FASLFujitsu AMD (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.) Semiconductor Limited (Japan)
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Spansion is the global product brand name of FASL LLC, a company formed by the integration of AMD's and Fujitsu's Flash memory operations.
Fujitsu and AMD will reorganize Fujitsu AMD Semiconductor into a wholly owned subsidiary of FASL and a flash memory manufacturing and development base in Japan, the two companies said.
Buchan Meat chief Barrie Evans, commented: William Low was first among the multiples to show real commitment to FASL.
The general expectation of airport users for easy-to-use, configurable systems has driven a complete review and modernisation of the user interface for the entire range of FASL products.
FASL continues to develop its portfolio of products and has recently announced two new lines.
In the meantime, FASL says that it is continuing to develop its portfolio of products and recently announced two new product lines.
The application software for the Faro and Ponto Delgada software is based on the powerful Airport Management Information and Display System (AMIDS) package that has been developed and installed by FASL at 40 airports in the last three years.
FASL was involved in a turnkey project for the FIDS at Budapest Ferihegy's new terminal, which opened in December, as well as a separate contract for extending the FIDS into the existing terminals.
Under the terms of the contract, FASL is responsible for the supply and installation of the system software and central servers with the LCD boards, as well as staff and public display monitors being supplied by AEG and Conrac respectively.
0, is tailored to the unique requirements of 200mm manufacturing and is now in full operation at AMD Fab 30 and FASL LLC Fab 25.