FASSTFutaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology
FASSTFamily and School Support Team (Hillsborough County, FL)
FASSTFlexible Architecture for Subscriber Service Termination (Fujitsu)
FASSTFlexible Architecture Standard System Technology
FASSTFault-Tolerant Architecture with Stable Storage Technology
FASSTFrisco Amateur Summer Swim Team (Frisco, Texas)
FASSTFayetteville Advanced Spatial and Service Technology (advanced computer lab)
FASSTFleet Avionics Sustainment and Support Team (US Navy)
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In response to DMH's RFP for a "community residential program without beds," the Guidance Center developed the FASST program under the direction of Borja Alvarez de Toledo, M.
The use of FASST marked a major innovation in treatment for the most severely disturbed youngsters because, for the first time, the FASST model offered inpatient and residential care as one element in an array of wraparound services, rather than as the primary mode of treatment for children with SED.
FASST is designed for children and youth, ages 3 to 19, and their families.
Encouraging and supporting the family's voice in treatment planning is a key element in the FASST model.
During this time, the family is engaged in family therapy with the FASST clinicians, child and staff at the residential facility.
Because of the often fragile and volatile psychosocial functioning of the children and youth served by FASST and the programs goal of preventing crisis-driven psychiatric hospitalizations, the model provides 24/7 response to families, 365 days a year.
When placement becomes necessary, the FASST team can directly purchase various forms of brief, more intensive care, such as:
Since the inception of the FASST program, data have been collected on each child's level of functioning with the Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS), a widely used, standardized instrument in children's mental health.
The company's proprietary FASST process, based on rapid semiconductor printing, was invented by HelioVolt founder Dr.
The company's proprietary FASST ([R]) process, based on semiconductor printing, was invented by HelioVolt founder Dr.
HelioVolt's FASST process further reduces costs by manufacturing CIGS thin film products ten to one hundred times more rapidly than competitive processes including co-evaporation and two-stage selenization.
The company is currently using those funds to scale FASST at its first 20 MW commercial production line in Austin, Texas and pursue its aggressive international expansion goals.