FAST-TRACFaster and Safer Travel/Traffic Routing and Advanced Control
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FAST-TRAC gave grant aid and software company VIS helped the school to obtain a computer- based resource.
Like the local Skillseekers, this was funded by FAST-TRAC through Fife Enterprise who also fund training and job opportunities for over-25s.
Accepting the award, Mines Rescue Service Chairman Bert Wheeler thanked FAST-TRAC for its assistance, adding: "In gaining accreditation to SQMS standards, the service is showing its total commitment to the provision of quality training.
FAST-TRAC training executive Ian Gillespie said the trip was an ideal opportunity to assess the vocational skills of young people away from a classroom environment.
The training timeframe gives me something to work towards and every Fife Skillseeker has a FAST-TRAC training executive who can help with any problems.
But with support from FAST-TRAC, Kvaerner has devised an innovative training programme which is proving successful in creating a young workforce with both welding and fabrication skills.
The beauty of FAST-TRAC, which is implemented by Fife Enterprise, is that employers have direct control over the recruitment and training of their young workforce.
Thousands of school-leavers now hold their own Skillseekers card and FAST-TRAC believes demand will be high in Fife.
But, through the FAST-TRAC Skillseekers programme, they were taken on as technical clerks.
Any Fife youngsters who want to know more about their FAST-TRAC options should consult their school careers service or JobCentre.
Skillseeker Angela Beveridge (18) is the first female carpentry and joinery trainee to train under Fife's FAST-TRAC programme .
But Sarah is no stranger to work, having done her training on the job, supported by JHP Training and funded by FAST-TRAC, the Skillseekers management body in Fife.