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FASTAFraternidad de Agrupaciones Santo Tomás de Aquino (Spanish: Fraternity of St Thomas Aquinas Groups )
FASTAFresno Area Substitute Teachers Association
FASTAFederal Acquisition Streamlining Act
FASTAFamily Advocacy Staff Training, Advanced
FASTAFahrplan Stäbilität (Stability Analysis of Timetables for a Highly Interconnected rail Network)
FASTAFoundation for Analytical Science & Technology in Africa
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Genome table contains fields like Id, name, type, NCBI accession number, DENVirDB accession number, country, genome size, reference, start and end positions of each protein, protein Id and sequences in FASTA format.
sapiens was searched and its protein sequence (NP 005206) of length 1447 aa was retrieved from the protein database of NCBI and stored in FASTA format.
Although the Tourist sequence used as a query for FASTA searching was 165 nucleotides long, a size variant of 150 nucleotides was encountered 101 times, constituting 29% of the 348 Tourist elements detected on chromosome 10.
Although a BLAST comparison of each microarray element sequence with the entire sequence database is technically daunting, a simple comparison of such a sequence with a target sequence is quite simple using the LALIGN program (part of the FASTA package; ftp://ftp.
Each eubacterial and archaeal DNA sequence was downloaded in FASTA format (*.
Analyses of Wright's F-statistics were carried out using FASTA (version 2.
Template protein PDB file and amino acid sequence in FASTA format was downloaded from the PDB (http://www.
Annotation by similarity was done by importing the NTHI strain 86-028NP annotation and comparing it with the F3031 coding sequence set by using reciprocal FASTA (www.
You will see that the beta hemoglobin gene contains 1606 nucleotides ("letters"), here shown in what we call FASTA format.
In brief, reference sequences for the genes MYH7 [4] (myosin, heavy chain 7, cardiac muscle, beta), MYBPC3 (myosin binding protein C, cardiac), and TNNT2 [troponin T type 2 (cardiac)] were downloaded from the NCBI GenBank in FASTA format to generate a so-called "sequence file.