FASTARFast Automatic Restoration
FASTARFinite Automata Systems Theoretical and Applied Research (workshop)
FASTARFacility for Shared Technology and Resources (University of Wisconsin)
FASTARFamily of Army Surveillance and Target Acquisitions Requirements
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It is protected by the same self-healing network capabilities the national ATM backbone utilizes -- SONET Rings, and FASTAR(R) and FASTAR II(R).
IMRS, Micro Control, FASTAR, Hyperion, IMRS OnTrack, Treasury Control and FinalForm are registered trademarks of IMRS Inc.
FASTAR offers the ability to restore more than 67,000 circuits in minutes, compared with a process that before could take up to several hours to complete.
The deployment of FASTAR is part of our continuing effort to increase quality and reliability of the AT&T Worldwide Intelligent network," said C.
Should an AT&T fiber optic cable between Miami and Orlando be snapped by a construction backhoe, for example, FASTAR automatically senses the break, Fairbank explained.
The configuration of our fiber optic cable network and the equipment we already have in place made Florida a perfect test lab for FASTAR," said Fairbank.
AT&T will continue to deploy FASTAR in other locations throughout the year, and virtually all of the AT&T domestic fiber network will be protected by the new system by the end of the year.
Products include: Micro Control, FASTAR and Hyperion for consolidation and management reporting; FinalForm for data collection; IMRS OnTrack for graphical access to business information; and Treasury Control for global treasury management.