FASTRFoundations and Applications of Spatio-Temporal Reasoning
FASTRFair and Simple Tax Relief
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This landscape, represented in an infographic, describes the opportunities for FASTR members and the broader industry to advance the field of automotive security.
FASTR views the automotive security landscape holistically, including everything from the physical supply chain, to consumer electronics used to unlock your car door, to the technical stack responsible for perception and motion planning, and beyond.
On March 8, FASTR moved out of committee and was placed on the Senate Legislative Calendar.
If passed, FASTR would require all federal agencies that spend more than $100 million on grant-funded research to develop public access policies and would also require that published research become free-to-access after a maximum 12-month embargo period.
The term extraction phase in FASTR identifies noun phrases which are subsequently associated with their respective variants in the term variant recognition phase.
The principal types of term variation phenomena FASTR deals with are three: morphological, semantic and syntactic.
The next day, the FASTR symposium joined the Symposium on Logical Formalization of Commonsense Reasoning in the morning for Doug Lenat's presentation on ontological issues in the CYC Project, then continued with its own sessions on spatial ontologies.
The Association for American Publishers is in favor of this move, in contrast to their strongly worded opposition to the FASTR Act, a bill endorsed by many library associations.